The Elastic Self

Human existence is determined by uncertainty and change. How does the individual master life? Experiences and memories are the basis for a review of one’s own life plan and form a bridge to the present. The Elastic Self is a questioning with regard to the resilience of the individual. The generation of the elderly is in the foreground of this project.

With nine participating institutions in Styria: Seniorenzentrum Volkshilfe, Deutschlandsberg; Caritas Betreutes Wohnen Gross Sankt Florian; Betreutes Wohnen Kirschallee Deutschlandsberg; Caritas Betreutes Wohnen Preding; Caritas Pflegewohnhaus Lannach; Betreutes Wohnen Kirschallee, Fürstenfeld; Betreutes Wohnen Kirschallee Kaindorf an der Sulm; Betreutes Wohnen Kirschallee Schwanberg; Pflegewohnheim Kirschallee Deutschlandsberg