Fuzzy Art is a form of participatory art that explores socially relevant issues with diverse groups of people. Whether or not the participants have some previous art education, or previous knowledge about art and its styles, is irrelevant and therefore not a criterion for participation. Different artistic techniques as well as handwritten notes or set pieces from print media are utilised in drawing, text, collage and painting. Image and text are equal to each other.

Fuzzy Art focuses on all societally relevant issues and questions. Behind this is a fundamental interest in the tension between society and the individual. It is not the work of an artist in the classical sense that is in the foreground, but each contribution becomes an integral part of the participatory project and is to be seen in a context that reaches into different areas such as art, literature, philosophy and psychology. The boundaries of this art form are indeed fuzzy.

Nadaistics (2012 to 2014)
52 participating institutions (universities, schools, social institutions) in twelve countries. The Nadaistics archive comprises more than 1,500 contributions on paper.

Das elastische Ich (2017/2018)
A project with elderly and aged people from nine participating retirement homes, nursing homes and assisted living in Styria, see exhibition contribution in the catalog Elastic Punch Extended (2019), Kerber Verlag.